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DRNL-32 (phase + neutral) leakage protection circuit breaker


    DRNL-32 is a new product independently developed by our company (this product integrates the advantages of the same type of product) has the advantages of compact structure, small size, excellent performance, small size, high breaking capacity, and full protection function. Products comply with GB16917.1, Gb10963 and other standards, in a similar product in a leading position.

二、scope of application

    DRN-3 leakage circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as leakage circuit breaker) (phase line + neutral line + leakage) protection circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50Hz or 60Hz rated voltage of 230V single-phase residential circuit, as a leakage protection, and It protects the overload and short circuit of the civil electric circuit, and the product has a high capacity for small volume breaking. The zero and fire lines are cut off at the same time, and even if the fire line is reversed, the leakage can still be protected. This product complies with IEC61009/GB16917.1 and other standards.

三、product model and its main meaning
四、 specifications
五、technical parameters

Residual current protection characteristics of residual current circuit breakers are given in the table below

六、 installation and wiring diagram
Read carefully before installation and install it correctly
1 pull down the DIN rail, install the card
2 Lift it up while tilting the unit
Note: When the DIN rail mounting card is pulled out, it will be locked. Therefore, before reinstalling the unit on a DIN rail, push it inward.

七、compared with similar products
     Advantages of DRNL-32: Only occupy 1 module, saving half the distribution box space compared to DZ30L-32
     DRNL-32 advantages: breaking capacity is 4.5KA
     DRNL-32 Disadvantages: 2 bit modulus
     DRNL-32 is used in combination with our company's DRN-32 Mini-Cyclodon (also compatible with Schneider's family of products)
八、economy of the 1-bit module in the province
    Take the configuration of a commonly used 12-bit distribution box as an example, the price is 146 yuan for a contract of 12 yuan/bit. The conventional configuration requires three small earth leakage circuit breakers (kitchen/toilet/other room outlets), which saves a space economic value of about 36 yuan, and its price: DZ30L is 102.3 yuan, DRNL-32 is 80 yuan, which can be DRNL- 32 For customers, the economy is far better than DZ30L (about 25% of investment in distribution box and 22% of product cost).

九、quality assurance
Adoption of equipment, processes, test methods, product interchangeability, traceability of product quality
1, excellent production process
    In order to ensure the overall quality of DRNL-32 products, the company not only employs professional technicians and quality control personnel to strictly control, but also develops a series of professional process operation procedures to strictly monitor the entire production process and implement the relevant parts and components. All inspections (electronic inspection boards, magnetic rings, thyristor components, housings, etc.), electronic circuit board aging for 168 hours, bimetals imported in Germany and implementation of stable process technology, all plastic materials Bad selection of Dutch DSM imported materials. The above measures provide a reliable guarantee for the product appearance and the consistency of the electrical performance. The qualified rate of the sampling inspection for the leakage current and the performance of the calibration product is 100%, and the combined rate of the products at the factory is 100%, which makes the product more safe to operate.
2, test methods and equipment
    The company is equipped with a projector. Spring controlled pressure tester, glow tester, transistor characteristic plotter, microcomputer multi-function electrolytic thickness gauge, coil tester, residual current protection tester, instantaneous, delay characteristic test stand, standard delay test stand, and electronic scanning Instruments, etc., a large number of special test equipment, provide a favorable guarantee for product quality.
3, product quality traceability
    In order to ensure the traceability of the product's processes, all employees have their own job number, which can be traced back to the people. The date of production is clearly marked and the original record is true and valid.
    In order to ensure product performance characteristics and comply with national standards, in addition to strict product testing and commissioning, the company also specially configured a domestic advanced computer acquisition and recording system. The system uses advanced testing technicians and the most optimized processes. Each device has a communication function, high-precision current source, precision electrical components, etc. to ensure high efficiency and high quality operation. The recording system automatically collects and verifies various data of the process, including the product's name, specifications, production date, serial number, overload protection verification data, short-circuit protection verification data, leakage protection verification data, and verification execution. The relevant information is stored centrally in the database, supports the monitoring of real-time information and the query of historical data, and can be remotely monitored via the network.
    Each department connects to the system through the network and can view the production conditions of the workshop and the various production information provided by the system at any time. Users can view real-time information or inquire about historical data through the intranet at any time and anywhere to track product quality and other information. Feedback, at the same time, the customer can also enter the product barcode identification word in the search word window through our company website to enter our company's back-end database to retrieve the original data of the product.

十、 Introduction to the Security and Reliability of DRNL-32
    Although DRNL-32 only occupies one bit of module, due to its patented electronic circuit design (patent application number: 04201810.6), it has excellent performance (such as EMC surge surge voltage up to 4000V, It is twice the national standard. All types of test items meet or exceed the GB16917.1-1997 standard. Users can be assured of their safety and reliability.
    Note: The leakage circuit breaker cannot be protected against the risk of electric shock caused by simultaneous contact with the two wires of the circuit to be protected. Before starting work or inspection, be sure to turn off the main power supply. Ignoring this may cause electric shock. Loose contact can cause heat and fire.

十一、ordering instructions
1, product model, name; 2, pole number; 3, rated current; 4, rated residual operating current; 5, order quantity.

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